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Default Re: crazy colors! 100.14.09 with 8600m on macbook pro

Sigh. I spoke too soon. After using my MacBook Pro 17" for a few hours this afternoon with the 100.14.09 driver, I rebooted into Mac OS X, worked there for about an hour, and then rebooted again into GNU/Linux, and I'm back to square one: "rainbow" colors on the display with the "nvidia" driver, and just a black screen (sometimes with a few pixels lit) with the "nv" driver. After repeated cold starts, reboots and switching back and forth between Mac OS X and GNU/Linux, I still can't get either driver working again.

I have no idea what changed or why it worked in the first place. I did upgrade a few packages in Debian while the driver was working, but no GL, X, kernel or libc-related packages.

Bug report attached. The Xid complaints in the dmesg output are from my first attempt starting the X server. When it failed, I stopped it, reloaded the nvidia module, and tried again. Still no dice, but this time no Xid errors, and that's when I created the bug report.
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