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Default Re: 7-current. is it possible to compile?

This might not be the proper solution, but I just changed the line :
#if __FreeBSD_version >= 700000
in ../src/nv-freebsd.h
to: #if __FreeBSD_version >= 800000
(a version that can't obviously be found at present)
and it compiled on a 7-Current - build a few hours ago - without a hitch.

My advice is to not upgrade by using any port-managment tools.
I deleted the whole /usr/X11R6 directory, and nuked any /var/db/pkg X-related entries.
(a dirty method - but we're talking pre-alpha, the whole thing might as well go titsup after the next buildworld)

But that's not the real reason for this post . . .

The reason I tried the new driver is that since June 12 07 I'm not able to shut down the X-server.
I can't even kill it with alt-ctrl-backspace.
The whole system freezes and reboots after a few seconds.
It doesn't matter which Nvidia driver is used - tried all of them - the result is the same.
The problem is reported more than once at the 7-current mailing list, so I dare say it's not my installation.
Maybe you'd get more useful information than mine by reading those posts.

This clearly isn't your fault, the drivers worked fine before 12.06.07.
It seems the FreeBSD committers messed something up.
I compared the pre-after 11.06.-sources for hours and couldn't find anything,
but then again . . . my C knowledge is even worse than my english
May I dare to ask you to have a look at the sources and tell them what's wrong ?
The xorg nv-driver is so slow, I'd rather use Linux. (shiver)
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