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Originally posted by bwkaz
According to that log, you haven't edited your XF86Config-4 file yet. You need to do that to get the nVidia drivers to work; see the README for what to change, but in short, you need to make Driver "nv" be Driver "nvidia", and get rid of Load "GLcore" and Load "dri".

Well, hang on, you're loading "glx" as it is, but it's picking up the wrong one. Have you even installed the nVidia drivers?
well, thanks for reply... after I read your reply 3 times to grasp all of it. the shore answer for the question is I installed debian from the CD I downloaded from their website. I don't even know if there is a driver installed "well, I take that back, nv driver is what it shows being the installed one" I thought nv is what will work form my nVidia Riva TNT2".
now, if I am suppose to install nVidia driver, what I am suppose to do to accoplish that? "boy- am I gana have some fun with the step learning curve!" I got no idea what "glx" for, or even where is that "README for what to change" located?
I know the latest version for the XFree86 is found here and it is 2 numbers ahead of what I now have. the nVidia drivers for Linux are here but I don't know which of these I should get

Linux IA32
Latest Version: 1.0-4363

Linux IA64
Latest Version: 1.0-4050

Linux AMD64
Latest Version: 1.0-4180

Free BSD
Latest Version: 1.0-3203

once I download it, then the big "how I am going to install it"? I will download it onto my laptop using windows then depends if I can fit in on a floppy or not, move it to the linux desk top, if it dose not fit then I am in limpo. or should I worry about getting my internet connection to wrok on my linux box first, but if I do, how am I going to browse with out the correct graphic driver?
oh... how am I gona fix this mess

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