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The 5900 Pro is a damn fast card in the benches. It tops the 9800 Pro in most of them. I'm not real impressed with the AA on the card from the screen shots but that may be fixed. It just happens to lose at 3DMark 2003. Which means they had no choice but to cheat. 3DMark scores to a super advanced user are only slightly helpful in the decision making but thats about it. The whole problem is the masses almost only see 3DMark scores with little other info. If you don't believe me just open any of the computer magazines and take a look at the reviews. I was just flipping thru June's Computer Gaming World and there was a review on the 9800 Pro. The review had almost nothing but the 3DMark 01 and 03 scores. They also partly base the power of their "Gaming Rig" on 3DMark scores. The higher the better right? I'll pretty much bet that the card with the highest scores will sell better if they are the same price.
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