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Default Re: crazy colors! 100.14.09 with 8600m on macbook pro


I booted with pci=nommconf on the kernel command line and now everything seems to be working perfectly as far as I can tell. (I was experiencing the same crazy colors problem and just lurking in this thread til now).

I have the 2.2GHz base model of the 15" macbook pro. I think that means it uses the same GPU as the 17" model, with just 128MiB vRam and 1440x900 native lcd resolution.

I installed Bootcamp 1.3 beta, rEFIt 0.10, Fedora 7, and used the livna repository for the nvidia 100.14.09 binary driver packages. By the way, I also used the atrpms repository for the latest madwifi prerelease drivers that get my airport connection working.

Even suspend / resume seems to work !!! :-D

Thanks again Zander !
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