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Default device agp, in the kernel? do i need it?

Hello guys

It's a bit lamish question i guess, but i'm not sure and thats why i am asking it here.

Do i need to have device agp in kernel config file??

I use freebsd-7-current i386, my chipset is intel 965P and my video card is Nvidia 7900GS PCI-E

Currently my kernel is build with device agp in it, and the nvidia drivers are 100.14.09 build with make install (without any additional options)
The system is stable and everything runs - i tried quake3 and ut2004demo, both runs smooth.
But i am not sure if i have to do some additional task to be sure that pci-express is used properly.

here is some info:
#:> sysctl -a | grep hw.nvidia
hw.nvidia.version: NVIDIA UNIX x86 Kernel Module 100.14.09 Fri May 25 23:37:05 PDT 2007
hw.nvidia.registry.EnableVia4x: 0
hw.nvidia.registry.EnableALiAGP: 0
hw.nvidia.registry.NvAGP: 1
hw.nvidia.registry.EnableAGPSBA: 0
hw.nvidia.registry.EnableAGPFW: 0
hw.nvidia.registry.SoftEDIDs: 1
hw.nvidia.registry.Mobile: 4294967295
hw.nvidia.registry.ResmanDebugLevel: 4294967295
hw.nvidia.registry.FlatPanelMode: 0
hw.nvidia.registry.DevicesConnected: 0
hw.nvidia.registry.RmLogonRC: 1
hw.nvidia.registry.DetectPrimaryVga: 1
hw.nvidia.registry.dwords: GeForce 7900 GS 16 PCI-E
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