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Lightbulb Re: Major problems with BFG 6600

Originally Posted by milla
On that note, whats the best Nvidia AGP card that money can buy I only have an AGP PC and i'm not really up on the latest graphics cards.
dunno what's the best, but i am enjoying an xfx6800gs

unlocked with rivatuner to the full ultra (something that agp will do that pci-e versions, inclusing the pci-e versions "bridged" for agp won't, because they are built on a different video chip)

have you tried changing the heatsink on the 6600 for a zalman and some arctic silver - it sounds suspiciously like the heatsink is a poor contact ?

my stock xfx cooler idles at 50+ o/c'd to 400/1100, but is lucky to go over 40c with the zalman, and 70 at max

the shazbat is the agp 8800 i believe, but why bother- it'd be easier to upgrade the whole shebang to a conroe for less $
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