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Default Re: 100.14.09 with 8600GT - random lockups

I keep on my desperate fight... or is it plight?

Installed Debian Etch (kernel 2.6.18*) -- crash frequency is much lower than with Ubuntu, but still happens. Same old "irq NN: nobody cared" except NN has changed.

Installed lm-sensors. Apparently with Gnome desktop up and running (and not doing much of anything) the +12V line is at +9.12V and -12V is at -11.18V. 9V instead of 12V sounds extreme... a question to nVidia folks: would that cause all kinds of trouble with the card? Does that mean I need a bigger PS (mine is a generic 500W ATX but I have 3 hard drives hanging on it among other things)?

Wild goose chases are tiresome, so, specifically -- is a low 12V line voltage likely to induce spurious interrupts from a video card (I understand this is the real cause of "nobody cared", right?)
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