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Thanks for the links! After I seen the diff. in the AA quality of the 2 cards I know I won't be getting a 5900 Ultra even if it is 20-25% faster with AA on. What a blurry mess the 5900 screens are. Makes me wonder how they obtained the 20%+ lead. HH even captured the screens correctly with HyperSnap and Post Proc capture enabled. To me AA is important as I play all my game with at least 2X AA with it mostly set at 4X. I will sacrifice 10FPS not to have that blur. What a diff. when I opened them up in seperate windows and flipped back and forth between them. Look at the landing above the gun and even the tiles in the floor. Links to full pics.

5900 2XAA
9800 2XAA

5900 4XAA
9800 4XAA

5900 6XAA
9800 6XAA
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