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Default Re: Can't switch VT with 100.14.09 drivers

Originally Posted by gbil
Ok time I also report a problem

Using the 100.14.09 drivers I can no longer change to another VT while the nvidia driver is loaded. Pressing ctrl+alt+f1 etc while on X results in black screen and the monitors entering standby mode. I can switch back to X just fine though. Also in shutdown after X is killed I see nothing, again screens are black and they enter standby mode. This doesn't happen with 9755 drivers or beta 100x drivers. This doesn't change if I remove any boot option, totally new to these drivers.

Please find attached the bug report.
I had exactly the same problem.
In my case it appears with nvidia drivers 9xxxx but it is still present with 100.14.09 drivers: the virtual consoles are there but there is not video signal sent to the screen, and you can switch between X and virtual consoles without problem (and there is no problem accessing virtual consoles using the nv driver, the problem only appears when using nvidia driver).
(I have it with Ubuntu 7.04 and with Kubuntu 7.04 (same machine))
I solved it modifying my boot options, adding "vga=792".
Now my /boot/grub/menu.lst has the following line:
kernel          /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.20-16-generic root=UUID=9924d035-b141-4e2b-922
a-013cf2c1cddd ro quiet splash vga=792
(for possible values for vga parameter have a look at :
Linux framebuffer super mini howto)
Now I can access my virtual consoles even when I am using the nvidia driver under Ubuntu 7.04.
I hope this helps you.
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