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I located the original news post made on [H] which annoyed so many ppl :

Steve @ [H]
Futuremark has released a patch for 3DMark 2003 that eliminates “artificially high scores” for people using NVIDIA Detonator FX drivers. This is in response to the news item we posted last week ( as did several sites ). To us, things like this just solidify our belief that 3DMark03 overall score is useless as a real world benchmark. Thanks to everyone who sent this one in.
[H] still haven't updated their news with ATI's impressively honest statement.

Maybe this is something to do with "Memorial day" .. I don't even know what that is tbh
Edit: Checked, seems like a nice respectable day of remembrance. guess a little patience may be in order

But pushing that aside, the only guy at [H] who's making any positive noises about ATI's response and showing any real disapproval of nVidia's actions is Brent. I guess since all news would be vetted by Kyle that there's no point him posting anything on the front page?

[H] is so weird, sometimes they're very eager to reveal difficiencies in hardware or IHV behaviour (e.g. Quack, or IQ of nVidia's past drivers), but something as major as this and they're sitting on the fence..
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