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Originally posted by digitalwanderer
No, nVidia got in contact with me boss at EliteBastards about an e-mail I wrote him and some things I'd been saying about nVidia on the web. It caused some consternation and it ended up with me leaving staff at EliteBastards so nVidia can't try and get to me thru my friends again.
So much for free speech - nVidia is US based yeah? What about the First Ammendment that gets brought up so much in moral issues, doesn't that apply here? surely you have the right to point out when nvidia are being totally wank..

I think you did the right thing leavin EB tho, you're a free Agent now, untouchable (over-dramatic, but true lol) .. this all falls apart if you happen to like being touched tho

Originally posted by digitalwanderer
So yeah, I am enjoying this. I'm enjoying this immensly and plan to continue doing so.
Good for you

ChrisRay: I thought your summary of the DX standards situation was excellent

I'm a little worried by the implications of your closing comments, about OGL not being standardised..

Carmack must have a spent a significant amount of time creating the nV30 path.. surely we don't want Dev's having to create such different paths for each IHV (well, for nvidia it seems) just because they insist on doing things differently to the otherwise agreed norm..?

It'll be interesting to see what's happened to STALKER since nVidia took control, and how shader support pans out on the R3x0..

Likewise with the FULL version of Doom3, and what differences (if any) exist between the nV30 and ARB2 paths.

But that's waaaaay in the future
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