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Originally posted by The Baron
Am I bothered by this? Yes. Am I surprised by it? No, not at all. Everybody cheats at 3DMark--EVERYBODY.
Not everybody cheats to the extent of nvidia. Especially after nvidia pimped up the NV3x series so much.

Now, if they were doing this in an actual game, I would feel very differently (and not give any money to NVIDIA for a long time). But nobody's blameless in this. Just one of those things.
They might be. Discussion.

Originally posted by The Baron
And so did Trident. And so did SiS.

The only thing that really bothers me is the amount of time they put into getting higher scores in 3Dmark. It's a stupid benchmark and it's generally useless.
The difference here is that SiS and Trident produce junk 3d hardware. We shouldn't expect or tolerate extreme cheating from an industry leader.
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