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Default Re: Managing File System w/ PHP.... what permissions should I use?

PHP runs under the security context of the webserver. On Ubuntu it's www-data, on CentOS it's apache.

You'll need to set group/owner correctly on the files/folders you want PHP to have access do, depending on the need. You could use mod_suexec but I wouldn't recommend that.

I'd recommend looking at installing Suhosin to compensate for some of the PHP security flaws.

Modules I use:
eAccelerator - PHP optimization and caching,
Suhosin - PHP security module,
mod_deflate - Gzip content on the fly for HTTP 1.1 clients,
mod_evasive - Protection from misbehaving clients and DoS attacks,
mod_security - Protection from script kiddies and bots, with select rules from

Applications I use:
fail2ban - Ban clients after 10 404's or auth fails,
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