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my displeasure comes from the fact that both card manufacturers are suspect now. I just wanna play games, and use a card I can trust. My ti4600 did awesome for its time span as did my Geforce 1, and ti500, but there are games soon to be here that NEED a next gen card as the ti4600s are not gonna cut it.

nVidia have at least till September as far as I am concerned anyways to release the 5900 Ultra 256s. Of course we will be seeing them in June likely. There are still no games out by that time that require the horsepower yet.

I have both a ti4600, and a 9700 Pro. But I lean towards nVidia.... as I have owned more than a few. Politics AND "I got you last" PR blows dudes. Plain and simple. The games are why we play, not the hardware. As long as the 5900 Ultra plays the games coming soon I want them to at decent fps, thats all I care about.

Cheating on a benchmark? WTF cares? I`ll bet this has been done by all the card devs to some point. The sooner the damn cards are in our systems finally, and the real games are here, the sooner we can get on with the business at hand. = Gaming
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