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Originally posted by john19055
I have been very satisfied with my TI4600 runs all the games I have with no problems SOF2, UR2, URT2, NFSHS2, GR, RSC.

yes SIr....

im going to say THanks Nvidia for the great JOB you are doing
in Games .my Geforce4 is by far one of the best Purchases ,not only
works great in all my games 99.5% rock solid ,but also in my profesional
3d animation software , and looking foward for the Nv35 or maybe the Nv40 j

just add new AA/AF and IQ modes and you will see
the same gamers that complains about NVidia switching to this side.
and dont waste you time in 3dmark's ,but better focus in incoming games like HL2 ,Deux2,Quake4, Doom3,Stalker.
and show everyone that syntetic benchamrks has nothing to do ,with the
reality . and let your high quality products ,and drivers to speak louder in games than anything negative posted in web sites about Nvidia .

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