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Oh... I see.

I thought you were trying to get the drivers from nVidia to work. Instead, you're having problems with the default distro drivers.

Since you're using a laptop, I assume you have a Geforce X Go card, right? (that is, some form of the Go chipset?) If so, you probably have to upgrade X to get a working "nv" driver (one that will work without much more configuration from you, at least) -- or install the drivers from nVidia. If you do decide to go that route, you want the IA32 drivers (release 4363), and the README is linked to off the 4363 download page. Most of the appendices don't need to be read, unless you hit a problem.

Unfortunately the installer is 6.5 megabytes, so it won't fit on a disk. But you should be able to save to your Windows drive, and at least have read access to it from Linux. You'd have to do something to the effect of mkdir /mnt/windows ; mount -t vfat /dev/hdXX /mnt/windows, then look at your Windows files in the /mnt/windows directory. Replace /dev/hdXX with the partition designation for your Win partition, probably /dev/hdX1 (that is, the first partition on some disk).

You will have to use -t ntfs instead if you're using XP and formatted your drive as NTFS (most preinstall places do that).
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