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Default Re: Blockbuster to withdrawn HD-DVD and expand Blu-ray

Originally Posted by ephmrl
Meh, it's better if adoption rates for both camps continue to languish like they are. Hopefully the financial burdens for Toshiba and Sony will reach a point that they will finally concede and cooperate with each other and make a better standard than what either offers alone now. I.E. high capacity, standards for bitrates & visual fidelity (to put the capacity to good use), flexibility to use whatever codec (at a high enough bit rate to match a high visual quality in the other codecs), elimination of redundancies like multiple lossless audio encodings, multiple interface language standards/versions, etc. Sure that will sting for the early adopters with PS3's, xa2's, etc., but at least it would benefit the masses in the mainstream still holding out ...
Thats sounds good but I don't think it will ever happen because they will be putting the PS3 on the line.

Originally Posted by superklye
You like HD DVD? Please. All you do is **** on it and spread the same caliber FUD as Athlon.
I have more movies on HD-DVD and I have never spread any "FUD" on it. I don't even think I have responded in any topic here dealing with HD-DVD. What I have done is defended Blu-Ray in the PS3 in the game section and I'm guessing thats why you just spouted that ****.
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