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Originally posted by Grrrpoop
haha well.. I was trying to be tactful

Personally I think Kyle was so overwhelmed at being included in the Doom3 exclusive that he's discovered a new love for nVidia and wants to keep getting those exclusives.

Not biting the hand that feeds etc and we all know the ad revenue from the Doom3 hits must have been sweet

Keeping your site at the forefront of news and reviews is very important, but morals and integrity will have to make an appearance at some point, otherwise you've got no credibility.

Reporting only the news you like is pretty crap :-\
Bull cookies... he is lining his pockets with dirty NVIDIA money. He is a sell-out and there is no question about it.

Have you seen the springdale mobo review article? If not go take a look. The NFORCE 2 solution is omitted from all the benchmarks that it would do poorly on compared to the 865 chipset. It is absolutely revolting to show such bias. How can anyone possible take the advice of a hardware sight who behaves in this manner? It makes as much sense to pick the biggest yankee fan on the planet to umpire a Yankees vs Braves world series.

In fact I wrote to him asking about the article:

------Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 8:44 AM
Subject: Whats Going On?

Why is it that you show the NForce 2 solution in the results of only selected tests? Is it because you do not want to show the AMD platform in a bad light? It seems very unprofessional and biased to vary the results included in your comparisons and you should be ashamed both as an author and editor.

His Reply:

Yes, you obviously found us out.


Kyle Bennett
Editor-in-Chief @
Proprietor @

I am not sure what type of guy he is in person but, based on this, he is either a wreckless arrogant bastard or he has a sarcastic streak in him.

You be the judge...

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