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Originally posted by digitalwanderer
No, nVidia got in contact with me boss at EliteBastards about an e-mail I wrote him and some things I'd been saying about nVidia on the web. It caused some consternation and it ended up with me leaving staff at EliteBastards so nVidia can't try and get to me thru my friends again. I don't take the benchmark bit personal....but the strong-arm, behind the scene tactics I DO take personally when it involves my friends.

So yeah, I am enjoying this. I'm enjoying this immensly and plan to continue doing so.
So let me understand this correctly. Nvidia wrote the "Pro nVidia" EliteBastards about you and what you been saying on this matter and EliteBastards probably said to ya, "Dude... We are going to have to let you go because you aren't kissing nVidia's arse like us"... ? ?

You know what, you probably are better off without Elite Bastards. Aren't they the ones who tried to write that article to make it sound like nVidia didn't do no wrong?

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