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Post Re: BloodRayne 2 FSAA Patch

At the moment, i know that the patch works with Vista too.

I haven't the steam version, but, it should work (in theory), if you put the .dll in the same folder, with the .exe. Maybe i'll buy it too.

As for the widescreen support, i've working code for the custom resolution setup, & to change the aspect ratio, but, there's an important performance hit & there're some bugs with the aura powers & with the 2D objects in the HUD, therefore, till i have some new good ideas, this feature is dropped, mainly due to the performance.

And about the performance, the game uses up to 12 rendering passes sometimes, & some of them are for the bloom effects. Therefore, you need a lot of video memory bandwidth, and this is why i always have been complaining about the slow progress of the gfx cards in this area. At the moment, with 100GB/s you've the minimum for 1280x1024 with SSAA 2x. If SLI works, maybe you could play at 1920x1200, & i keep waiting for cards with >300GB/s for 2560x1600.
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