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Originally posted by micron
Yea...the Guru3D forums.....I've been there a few times over the last couple of days. They so blindingly believe that Futuremark is satan, that it's pointless to post there. It figures that NV40 would bring them up. I dont even think NV40 cares about this whole cheating matter, he's just a bottom feeder, trolling for victims to mouth off to. You know when he signs off the web at night, he beats his dog.

very funny ,, not im not that bad..
but i dont see anything wrong with listening others points of view .
you will find many interesting information when you allow to listen
others point of view , from others who think diferent than you...

people focuse to much in standar directx9 syntetic benchmarks ,
and even buy video cards ,for the scores of 3dmark alone. (valid or invalid)
without knowing that by the time we see games using 3dmark "vision" of directx9 games, there will be DIrectx10 cards already in the market..
Most played games according to gamespy today ,still are directx6/7 games.. but now we have DIrectx9 cards
i can't imagine just 1 game in the following years that will require a directx9
card as minimun. and top game engines HL2/Doom3/Ut2003 that will be guide of many other games of the future ,still are based around DX7/and Dx8. means by the time your new DIrectX _ card play those games ,there will be another DIrectx_. so unless you plann to stay with your video card for 3-4 years!!! , and unless Nvidia stop working closely with
gamedevelopers ,and unless game developers use the eficiency or lack
of eficiency of Futuremark programmers to stress video cards and
performance to its maximun limits.
then yes use 3dmark as a measure. but by that time ,you will need to upgrade your card. thats why i say ,just buy the better card for the games
you would like to play . thats the only thing that can tell you with accuracy
how your experience will be there.

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