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Default Re: Transporter 1 & 2 vs. Crank

Originally Posted by A101Sugar
I loved Transporter 1.

I thought the second one would be like the first and would be great, so I went and saw it when it first came out in theaters. All I can say is wow... what happened to early showings and editing it... an action movie isn't supposed to have the crowd laughing at the cheesy/ unrealistic action scenes. I can't believe a lot of the stuff in that movie made it to the final version. IMO the second one way bad........

Haven't seen Crank yet... need to go rent that
I agree, Transporter 2 had many over the top scenes, some of which were the computer graphics were horribly bad and other scenes that were too fake to ever be true. But I think all the action and martial arts makes up for it in the end and the story line wasn't too bad.

And this is the problem I've been encoutering with Crank, people who have seen the movie either Love it or Hate it, never can be a content viewer

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