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Default Re: BloodRayne 2 FSAA Patch

Originally Posted by walterman
And about the performance, the game uses up to 12 rendering passes sometimes, & some of them are for the bloom effects. Therefore, you need a lot of video memory bandwidth, and this is why i always have been complaining about the slow progress of the gfx cards in this area. At the moment, with 100GB/s you've the minimum for 1280x1024 with SSAA 2x. If SLI works, maybe you could play at 1920x1200, & i keep waiting for cards with >300GB/s for 2560x1600.
You're going to waiting a long, long time for that. Shader throughput will still be the focus of most CPU manufacturers, as it should be.

If a game needs 100 gb/sec - especially one as old as Bloodrayne2 - then the fault lies with the engine and not the hardware.
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