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Perhaps anand did it wrong, or perhaps he used a driver version with "specific optimization", anyway there is enought evidence for me to be upset against both nvidia and ati (remember the quack issue).
You need to read my thread on Quak in the other cards forum.

Besides wich you are talking about ONE event from ATi going on 2 years ago, coumpared to multiple infractions from Nvidia. Like Constant ones. In that thread im talking about I posted a link to show what Nvidias GF2 Drivers looked like in Quake 3. A completel Blurry mess compared to ATi. That was 3 years ago. The pattern continues year after year.

This is why i get a little miffed when i read posts Trying to Suggest that the *Quak* issue is even in the same Country as Nvidias constant tactics.

One last Time Specific *Optimizations* for games are NOT wrong. Period end of statement. As long as they dont sacrifice Quality for speed (in general). Cheating is simply not the same thing as Optomizing. In my book Cutting Corners hacking just to win benchmarks in *anything* is Cheating.
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