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Originally posted by digitalwanderer
No, nVidia got in contact with me boss at EliteBastards about an e-mail I wrote him and some things I'd been saying about nVidia on the web. It caused some consternation and it ended up with me leaving staff at EliteBastards so nVidia can't try and get to me thru my friends again.

I don't take the benchmark bit personal....but the strong-arm, behind the scene tactics I DO take personally when it involves my friends.

So yeah, I am enjoying this. I'm enjoying this immensly and plan to continue doing so.
You act like this is something new for a company to do microsoft and intel do this on a daily basis yet I dont see anyone getting all pissed about it everyone just looks the other way.

As for nv3x I dont see the problem with having both an nv3x path and a r3xx. It ends up being like Amd vs. Intel. The athlon doesn't require much optimization, and will perform fairly predictably whether you structure things one way or another. The Intel P4, on the other hand, must to be specifically supported in order to shine against the athlon. The Question is why is no one willing to Optimize the NV3x then!!!

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