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Default Re: Blockbuster to withdrawn HD-DVD and expand Blu-ray

Originally Posted by S.I.N
.......Of either of the two, HD DVD will most likely be the one to die.

Yeah "unsubstantiated FUD". Read with comprehension and learn to respect other opinions. Take off those shades. And you don't have time because you wont find **** because I don't go around yapping blurayz suckz and I'm hot for hdvd like you and your pals.
An opinion based on what? Out of nowhere you claim HD DVD is going to fail. Why? Without anything to back it up, it's nothing more than flame bait because you don't like the format.

I don't see how that can even compare when the cold hard facts about BD (lack of standards, terrible transfers and so on) are presented as reason for its impending doom.

God, you are so annoying I don't know why I haven't blocked you yet. I'm going to fix that now. kthxbai.
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