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Default Re: Blockbuster to withdrawn HD-DVD and expand Blu-ray

Originally Posted by superklye
An opinion based on what? Out of nowhere you claim HD DVD is going to fail. Why? Without anything to back it up, it's nothing more than flame bait because you don't like the format.

I don't see how that can even compare when the cold hard facts about BD (lack of standards, terrible transfers and so on) are presented as reason for its impending doom.

God, you are so annoying I don't know why I haven't blocked you yet. I'm going to fix that now. kthxbai.
Did you even read the OP's question?

This was part of what he said...

Question is, is blu-ray replaceable. If yes, then I can sell my ps3 and just stick to the 360 and hddvd. But if blu-ray is gonna stay and hd-dvd dies then I want to hold on to it...
My opinion was, of either of the two HD-DVD might be the one to die because of how things were going. Not that HD-DVD is going to die. I further went on to tell him keep the HD-DVD because how cheap he got it. Its like some of you are just blind to facts or the writing on the wall. Blu-Ray is steadily out pacing HD-DVD while HD-DVD is being hit with setbacks like Block Buster no longer stocking them. Only people like with your shades on and so caught up can take negative news like this and turn it positive to feel better. Now your feels are hurt like some bitch on her period. But whatever and thanks for blocking me. I got bullied on teh internets and stranger wont agree with what I said about him. Grow some balls.
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