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Default Latest 7 series drivers and suse 10.2

Hello, i have a SuSE 10.2 box and i just installed an nVidia GeForce 7600GT (XFX) with dual 22" LCD's hooked to the dvi ports on the card. I seem to have a problem when running the nvidia driver, the icons and text look very choppy, like i was trying to run 640x800 dos mode on an lcd. The background though, is perfect. Im running at 1680x1050 resolution.

Is there some kind of setting (interlace maybe?) that i have to put into my xorg.conf file to get this thing to work correctly? When im using the "nv" driver, everything is perfect i dont understand why its just with the 100.14.09 drivers. Also tested under windows, works perfect.....

Thanks in advance!
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