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Default Re: Colin McRae DIRT and patch 1.1

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
Yep, it runs like horrid crap when there are a lot of cars driving around. My brother has an xplosion and I have an x-fi and we both have the same problems.

Disabling the sound card in device manager almost triples the framerate and gets rid of 99% of the stuttering\surging effect in the multi-car races.

Playing the game on ultra settings with sound disabled is perfectly smooth in XP (xp runs it better than vista) on the buggy race in the demo... playing the game with sound on at minimum settings is almost unplayable in the same race, especially in Vista.

More quality codemasters programming.

What an ironic name for a company.
well, all i will say is that Demo runs great for me, no issues.

Retail has the sound problem
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