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Default Re: Colin McRae DIRT and patch 1.1

1.1 patch appplied, Core 2 @ 3.45, Gtx 8800 OC edition @630/2000 (default)
1280x720, AA set to 4xS super sampling with Transparency supersample enabled using Nhancer, 16 af, sound set to openal, everything maxed accept the in car characters which is set to low. Ran fraps in benchmark mode for one minute during a replay with camera view set to show broadcast style coverage. THis was a big rigs race on some desert track.

Min 38
Average 48
Max 60 (vsync on max refresh for my DLP set is 60)

Ran again bench again for 60 sec fron inside view.

Min 42
average 53
Max 60

Love this game. Using a Classic Xbox controller with usb adapter and its a bit touchy and easy to oversteer but still love it. May buy a 360 pad today to see if there is a difference.
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