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Originally posted by OICAspork
I don't have time to keep up with too many forums... I like Rage3d and Beyond3d... and NvNews seems to be a pretty nice place when you filter out the losers. The only reason I bothered to sign up at Tom's was to rail on Lars... and I only go back there when I have something to contribute. I came here initially to clear up misconceptions, but liked it so I hung around.
Well, here's my rundown on forums. I have real life friends at the THG forums, so I'm there alot. I am constantly at Beyond 3D because they are so freakin' smart, but I rarely post there, because they are so freakin' smart. Rage 3D is my home base, but it gets a little monotonous(lots of the same questions/answers) when the "railgate" scandal broke, I was at Rage 3D reading one of Digitalwanderer's post's, where he was talking about having lots of fun over here at NV News, trying to convert the sinners(just j/k Digital), so I signed up here. I've been bouncing around ever since. Where are you at mostly OICA?
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