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Default Re: 1.0-9755 CIUOverlay and overlays broken

I think you're a little hung up on Xine. Since there are so many potential variants of Xine I will admit this is a bad example.

Use the Maya example instead as it's a commercial product with a known build environment. The version of Maya we are using is Maya 8.5 for x86_64 on FC5 as Autodesk indicates as the supported platform.

If you simply enable CIOverlays and Overlays in your xorg the menus in Maya will simply not draw. Disabling CIOverlays solves the problem but creates difficulties for application which make use of indexed overlays like Pixar's ptviewer, brickviewer, etc.

I have contacted people at two other studios and they have confirmed that they are seeing the same behavior with this driver so I'm not smoking crack here.

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