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Default Re: Blockbuster to withdrawn HD-DVD and expand Blu-ray

Originally Posted by superklye
5.1 audio can't even be compared to this. Most people don't care about anything other than 2.0 stereo audio. That truly was designed for a niche market. Look at the absolute dominance of MP3 players.

HD movies is a different beast entirely. HD video is the way of the future; millions already own HD sets and it's the federal standard come 2009. HD isn't going away and the difference between an SD/HD picture is far more noticeable than 5.1/2.0 audio to the vast majority of people.
Well, SACD, DVD-A and HDCD were originally implemented as 2.0 high quality audio. J6P didnt care, so they went with 5.1, and they still didnt care.
I think the HD video vs SD video case is similar in every way. Unfortunately, the majority of ppls doesnt see ANY differences between SD and HD. I think HD VOD might be the next HD vector for the vast majority of consumers.

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