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Originally posted by Behemoth
but thanks for you view, i just cant believe it. if its valid why remove it? i just cant get it, sorry.
Is it really that hard for you to believe it? That's pretty cynical, especially why you wouldn't believe nvidia was cheating when the clipping planes came to light.

Why the reversal? You said you didn't want to believe that nvidia was cheating without "hard evidence." But you are quick to believe that ATI is cheating? Without any evidence? And now we know that nvidia was employing a multitude of cheats....ATI has only been implicated in GT4, as far as we know it was only the shader re-ordering.
nvidia was lowering IQ, ATI was not.

As for reasons why they would remove it, isn't that simple?
1) They took a lot of flak over the Quack "cheats." <- Yes, I still think that was a cheat. Anyway, it tarnished their reputation. Removing something questionable shows that ATI has integrity.
2) Implicit comparison with nvidia. ATI owns up to what they did, nvidia won't comment on their cheats or admit they were cheating. This makes ATI look like a more honest company.
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