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Default Argh

Had to re-install the system, all those panics left the box in an unusable state.
Did a new build- kernel/world today, and it's not rebooting / freezing anymore.
The X-server starts, the Nvidia logo flashes briefly, and the server segfaults with the good old signal 11
The Xorg.log shows no other errors than that.
a cat/dev/nvidia0 only shows the same signal 11 error.

Out of interests sake i tried the 9746 driver from the ports, and it shows the old behavior
Freezing - crashing - rebooting etc.
Backtracing is not possible, coz the db> prompt is frozen and there's no core dump.
Building an X-server with debugging symbols fails at the moment.
My C - knowledge is too limited to deal with all the error messages.
I have to admit that I'm at a loss here.

( reading - learning - cursing)
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