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Default Re: NV users, voice your displeasure

Originally posted by DSC
I think all Nv users should voice their extreme displeasure at what is going on and what Nvidia is doing recently.....

Although I may be perceived as an "Nvidiot", I don't really blindly defend them. You can see my previous posts here where I heavily slammed the NV30 and the BS that was put out about it. I'm not ignorant of the facts and I don't like 1 bit whats transpiring now. I believe the community has some influence, and it's time that we use it.

Although I don't believe in 3dmark03 being the be-all, end-all, CHEATING and INFLATING the score IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Dropping IMAGE QUALITY is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

ATM I would like to do this to the ppl at Nvidia.

im sooo sorry!!! ahhg im feel so used and cheap!!.... argh.. ahhhhh.. ok im better thanx

WTF are they thinking?!?!
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