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On a final note I'm a bit disappointed with those drivers. Though WHQL is still pending nvidia should not release them just to battle 9700. Obviously that's what they thought they would do: boost your scores in 3D Mark. If you look at other sites everyone brags that they got 48922333++++ point increase in 3D Mark. I could care less because they don't perform in GAMES.
I played GTA3, Mafia and SOF2 and seen no performance at all. Someone even pointed out to me on other board that I should try Aquanox and Morrowind because this set of drivers improves pixel shader performance (where does it say that?). I will check that. Anyway those scores in 3D Mark look fishy. In my opinion those drivers were optimized for 3D Mark, and since "everyone" bases their opinion on that benchmark they thought they could get away with it . Yea they give you flashy new features but that does make them perform better? Not at all. I'm a bit confused here with nvidia. They are either trying to battle 9700 in 3D Mark or simply this set didn't come out "right". My 2 cents
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