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Originally posted by ChrisRay
The shaders being rendered are DirectX 8 Shaders, Which is nothing remarkable.The Geforce FX has no problem with 1.1 Pixel Shaders.

I think they have jumped the gun on this. Where a bug is present. I really doubt this is a cheat.

The geforce FX handles DirectX 8.0 shaders fine. Heck Nvidia helped microsoft design the DX 8.0 Shader standards
We've not actually stated anything, other than it looks odd. And, yes, you are correct - the FX should be fine with PS1.1, which is why I find it odd that this issue should occur in the first place. Its even odder that it occurs on some parts of the same architecture but not others.

Originally posted by ChrisRay
I'm still trying to figure the 9600 thing out with this game. I can only assume this game benefits from higher bandwith rather than higher fill rate, And this game is not pushing fill rate at all.
I thinks its evident that the R300 ASIC that 9500 uses had some issues with PS1.1:

Both R350 and RV350 cleaned these issues up, and the difference in performance with SC is just a real world example of that.
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