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Wow.....I leave for a week and come back to find the whole world turned upside-down...

The events we've witnessed over the past week are certainly a cause for concern. Given the severity of the accusations and implications we have seen, it is far too easy to make a quick judgement on this matter. However, I believe that we should take a step back and wait until we have all the information before we make up our minds entirely. Should the final collection of information prove NVIDIA to be in the wrong, you can be sure that a flame-fest is warranted and justified.

Don't get me wrong...right now I tend to believe that NVIDIA was caught in the act of cheating. However, since we do not know all the details from BOTH sides, this initial impression cannot be solidified into a final opinion. Though I have not had the opportunity to speak with Kyle on this matter, I tend to believe that he feels the same way. As a result, ( I believe ) he is waiting to speak fully on the matter until all the information is given to him.

For one reason or another, people seem quick to tackle Kyle for not jumping on this matter. Though we may or may not agree with his approach on this matter, I think that he deserves the benefit of the doubt here. HardOCP readers come to our website for the cold [H]ard truth...with all the PR bull**** cast to the side. Kyle has run [H] that way from the start and I don't think he is planning on changing that anytime soon...

In the end, let's trust Kyle ( and the rest of the media ) to do the right thing...Wait for all the information before making your mind up and let's see what happens in the coming weeks...

If anyone has any direct questions they would like to ask me, please email me...

Have a good one guys...
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