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Originally posted by silence
i don't play 3Dmark, i play games and as long as they don't scr*w my gaming with their "optimisation" i don't give a rats ass about it. i hear ppl bitch also how Doom III has optimization for NV cards, so what??...if they gonna give better IQ and more fps in game using those optimizations -> I AM HAPPY.

i hear so much....we need to compere apples_to_apples when running bencmarks, but do we really? if there are 2 major manufacturers and they use diff architectures and games can run much better if games are optimized for each of them...WTF??...what's the big deal?? 3Dmark issue is overblown IMO.....ya, they cheated....ya,they prolly did cause too many ppl look at 3Dmark and decides upon it's results....BUT what's the big deal if we have games optimized for OUR cards, ones we payed with OUR cash......

if i drop few hundred $ into NV pocket i really don't mind them forcing developers to optimize for their cards, not really my long as i get what i payed for.

other thing is if they decided to sacrifice MY gaming for results, then i have every reason to be pissed, cause they deceived me. long as this doesn't affect games i play.....i dun mind it.
as soon as it shows that their optimization is scr*wing my gaming...goodbye NV.
I agree.
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