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Default Re: Switching between single and twin - the right approach is...?

Originally Posted by MCMcButtah
What I do is just go into the nvidia configuration utility and click on the screen I want to shut off. In the dropdown for resolutions there should be an option for disable. I click that and then a confirm thing pops up and just say ok. When I want to reactivate it I just choose the resolution I want.
Really? That simple? I guess I must have been unlucky then, for when I tried it, it just kept complaining about duplicate metamodes and wouldn't save the xorg.conf. The reason I then went directly to the xorg.conf instead was that appearently lots of people had that problem, but after what you say, I shall give it another go.
I assume that would work with an 'enable' too, then?

I would still be nice to know if my above points are right or wrong, though. You know, just for my own education.
It would also be nice with a keyboard shortcut or two for it...

Thanks for the reply, though. Much appreciated.
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