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Default Re: Colin McRae DIRT and patch 1.1

Ok ...Super Fun Racing I don't know how else to describe this game. It is the best I've ever played, not the most realistic, just the best. Driving has the right balance, presentation is beautiful, damage modeling is unbelievable(the good unbelievable ), control is spot on (using an XB360 pad) and the AI....well they totally seal it for me. AI is challenging with out being impossible, they make plenty of mistakes which make perfect times to capitalize and gain position. there are no "majic" drivers...the leaders are there because they drive well, but what is great is they can be "pressed" into making boo-boos. They even press each other
I have it maxed out @ 1680x1050...sound OpenAL/high quality. performance is fine the only thing I notice is in multiple car races the first bunch up causes a frame rate hit and some only lasts a few seconds, then the race is smooth after that.
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