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ok first, when you press ctrl-alt-f2 you are not exiting X...that is completly wrong..and the reason why i told you to use pico is because when your installing redhat there is an option to install the package "pine" which is a text based email program, which is packed with pico...its by far the easiest text editor imo, so thats why i suggested you use it, so you must of not installed pine, but anyways...if you dont' see load dri in the modules section then thats cool, thats just one less thing you have to comment out...all you have to do is make sure it doesn't load anyways...
and as to uninstalling nvidia drivers, based on if you using the .run file you would issue a command logged under root:
"sh -uninstall"
now as of exiting X properly and not how you were doing it, i will just explain the steps that most take and the steps i use...
first open up the console and log in as root, and edit the file /etc/inittab
you will see the line that says id:5:initdefault...change the 5 to a 3 so when you reboot your computer it will boot directly into the console and not into X...then you install the drivers, make the required changes to the xf86config file, and then type exit to get outta root privledges to go back to your basic user, and type startx...if it works, then when in X you can edit the inittab file again and change it back to a 5,so for the next time you reboot you can boot directly back to X, and if don't work then you'll be able to reboot your computer back to text mode, and then you will have to troubleshoot, so we'll hope that doesn't happen
if something doesn't make sense, just post back with more question, i am kinda in a hurry so i had to type that quick...GL!
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