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Originally posted by Sean P.

Don't get me wrong...right now I tend to believe that NVIDIA was caught in the act of cheating. However, since we do not know all the details from BOTH sides, this initial impression cannot be solidified into a final opinion. Though I have not had the opportunity to speak with Kyle on this matter, I tend to believe that he feels the same way. As a result, ( I believe ) he is waiting to speak fully on the matter until all the information is given to him.

I think you make some reasonable assumptions.

One question that hasn't been asked, or at least I have not seen it asked.

Are the Detonator 44.03 drivers going to be the shipping drivers for FX 5900 U and other 5900 cards? The reason I ask is, nVidia just announced the NV35 and all the "reviews" have been "previews" of potentially shipping product. So far, I don't believe nVidia has provided retail boards/drivers for "review".

I do realize that the 44.03's are WHQL and have been posted for use. The fact that they do what they do in 3D Mark 2003 is well documented. I don't agree with the way the 44.03's or prior FX drivers perform while running the 2003 benchmark.

Could it be that nVidia is just not up to speed with their shader operations/drivers? I don't know, but it seems to be a weakness up to this point in the NV30+ series and I am just wondering if it is indeed hardware-related or driver-related.

Could this also be the beginning of a new API like Glide for 3dfx? Could Cg be the next Glide and is this the reason that nVidia is not up to speed with shader performance in 3D Mark?

I certainly do not have the answers, but I have a hard time accepting nVidia's current position. They are awfully quiet and I don't feel we have heard the whole story yet.

Food for thought...
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