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Default Re: Black Window Bug (Solutions and the way Nvidia is handling it)

*another* possible way if you can live without beryl XD will be

* ALT+F2
* write beryl-manager -d
------ I dont know what mean "-d"
* hit 4 times the down key, 1 time right key and see your menu for memorize how to load metacity or kwin XD.

I know it is not fix beryl... but I suppose it should work instead of try to hit the correct menus in a black screen!!!!!


Actually will be interesting if some 1 know how to do the same that with the menu, but with a direct command...

Also what about: with ALT+F2??? (the following will work?? or it only blow it down!!!) (you should check it out... this are only ways that I suppose perhaps work, but havent tested the myself, they are only options that show when I try to call in a console metacity).

$ metacity --replace
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