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Default FX 5200 + Debian Etch won't work for me.

I've read through the log I created and that will tell you everything about my system but please ignore the XFree86 sections because I'm now using Xorg.

I had a GeForce4 440MX installed initially under Debian Sarge, which worked well. I upgraded to Etch and used Hakix 1.0 to reinstall the drivers and Beryl and once again all was well, but I was finding Bery was too slow for regular use with that card so bought a slightly better FX 5200 and then my problems started.

First thing I noticed was that the initial boot kernel parameter VGA=775 (for my 1280x1024 TFT monitor) wasn't recognised. This is an annoyance, albeit minor.

First thing I tried on booting was startx, assuming the same drivers would work. I was wrong so I reinstalled using Hakix 1.0 again. This failed.

Then I tried with the nVidia proprietary drivers. The installer ran flawlessly but when I tried to startx (into KDE) it'd get as far as "Loading the Desktop" then everything would slow to a crawl as Xorg started eating CPU time. I could ssh in to stop the desktop manager most of the time but occasionally it'd be so bad that Xorg just wouldn't stop and a reboot would be required.

I've tried many changes to Xorg.conf and checked for conflicting libraries, and followed advice from elsewhere. The current log is with GLcore and dri Modules commented out, and this just wouldn't load the X Server at all.

I've tried Gnome, which loads, but as soon as I try any GL application it goes into crawl mode (Beryl has the habit of causing the total lockout).

My bug log is attached, can anyone help please?
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