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Default Re: Black Window Bug (Solutions and the way Nvidia is handling it)

Originally Posted by hgb
*another* possible way if you can live without beryl XD will be

* ALT+F2
* write beryl-manager -d
------ I dont know what mean "-d"
* hit 4 times the down key, 1 time right key and see your menu for memorize how to load metacity or kwin XD.

I know it is not fix beryl... but I suppose it should work instead of try to hit the correct menus in a black screen!!!!!


Actually will be interesting if some 1 know how to do the same that with the menu, but with a direct command...

Also what about: with ALT+F2??? (the following will work?? or it only blow it down!!!) (you should check it out... this are only ways that I suppose perhaps work, but havent tested the myself, they are only options that show when I try to call in a console metacity).
ALT+F2 seems to open a "Run application" command line window.
Typing beryl-manager -d opens the menu of beryl manager and then using the arrows as indicated lead you to select an alternative window manager (for me third one down is metacity) which would disable beryl hence solve temporary the black window issue. I guess at that point you can try to change the resolution which would flush the videocard memory and then resume beryl the exact same way.
Which leaves us still praying real hard for an official fix as early as possible.
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