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First, I should thank you for your time. Feels really nice to get this kind of support.

Well, I learned how to change runlevels. It's simply: 'telinit 3'. And to startx again: 'telinit 5'. No booting to switch runlevels.

I understand the uninstall command should be: sh --uninstall (that's a double - - after 'run')
It confirmed it really did uninstall. Clear.

Apparantly, I am missing 'kerel-headers' (whatever that is) to istall the nvidia driver for kernel 2.4.20-13.9

So, I rebooted and changed to a previous kernel: 2.4.20-8. (I still had that one sitting in GRUB)

Then I was able to run the NVIDIA installer again. It installed fine and told me to check the XF86Config when it finished.
So I'm back were I started.

Whenever I replace "nv" -> "nvidia", it fails to start-up X and it suggests to automatically reconfigure the old XF86Config for me. Which is quite polite, but it brings me no 3D accelaration.
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