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Default Ubuntu/Debian + Nvidia 420 + Toshiba 2410 resolution issue

No matter what I do I can't get 1024x768 with the correct NVIDIA drivers. When I use them that most that I can get is 800x600 and there is a black border that is about 1 inch wide around the screen. My system is saying that the reported resolution is 980x768 but resizes the display area to 800x600. My guess is that this is an EDID problem. I've tried many different EDID options, but still no luck. Does anyone know where I can get an EDID.bin for my system? If I use the 'nv' drivers I get the correct/proper resolution but I want to do a dual monitor setup which may be hard to setup with the 'nv' drivers.

Any information/help would be greatly appreciated. I've been working on this for more than 8 hours. I've tried many forums a well.

Once again I'm running Ubuntu + Nvidia 420 + Toshiba 2410 labtop. The graphics card has 16 MB RAM and the system has 768 MB RAM.

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